Kate Seehusen

Kate Seehusen

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer

Kate has been in the industry since 2001. She is well known in real estate because she’s good at it. Born into a real estate family, she has lived and breathed it for as long as she can remember. Kate is an agent who focuses on one thing: Results.

Her success speaks for itself. Kate knows that you only have one chance to achieve the best possible price for your property. Why risk selling it with anyone else?

Kate brings an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to the sale of every home she represents. She has acquired a reputation for offering unrivaled service and results that exceed her clients’ expectations.

Kate is a strategist; she’s tactical, she’s creative, she has proven processes and provides a tailored selling plan for each of her clients. She makes the most of her strong relationships and extensive reach to source the very best buyers and match them to your property. She’s straight up with everyone, she’s authentic and is highly respected for her no-nonsense approach to selling.

Kate’s success and level of excellence is built on a framework of repeat business, referrals and professionalism. Her approach is simple but that’s because real estate is simple - once you know how to do it.